Posted on: February 15, 2009 7:06 pm

White Men Can't Jump

White Men Can’t Jump.


A recent study by a group from Harvard Medical has shown that it is true, white men cannot jump.


Actually, the truth be told, white men have greater gravitational pull. The group’s spokesperson, Amelia Landhurst, stated in a summit conference at the annual AMA national conference, that a comprehensive study, supported in part by the McKnight Foundation, sampled the tissues from over 10,000 men world-wide, and concluded that Caucasian men’s tissue samples contained a greater amount of heavy metals than other races.


While the amount of difference is minimal, it does contribute to the lack of altitude in the attempt at elevating oneself from the earth. The core of the earth contains heavy metals, such as iron, that actually attract elements from the earth’s crust and surface. When humanoids dispersed from original Pangea, those that chose a northerly course evolved using a diet higher in iron. This includes some meats and vegetables.


Landhurst pointed to the fact that humans were more than 99.99% identical by race, and that simple pigmentation due to conditions of the sun played the greatest factor in determining human difference. However, given that iron is the greatest element at the earth’s core, and that iron attracts iron, she stated that the group’s findings were accurate. Caucasian peoples over time had developed a diet higher in meat products than the remainder of the world’s population, and that through biological as well as environmental components, began to demonstrate a chemical make-up with higher iron content.


In other words, white men are constantly being pulled down.

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